Audiobook Reading Challenges

Reading Challenges for 2019 Audiobook Fans

We love a good reading challenge. Here, we recommend our current favorites.

We don’t want to brag, but we know the beautiful truth: Listening to audiobooks gives us a serious advantage when it comes to ripping through our reading list challenges. If you’re looking to reinvigorate your reading (or if you’re a classic over-achiever, planning ahead of next year already) this list of reading challenges is the place to start!

Around the World in 80 Books

If you have a wanderlust-filled heart beating in your bibliophile chest, this is the reading challenge for you. There are a handful of variations out there, but the two we love the most are Translations and New Destinations. We especially love the Goodreads challenge for this topic because it offers five different tracts at three different difficulty levels, including one where you make up your own rules. There’s also the Wanderlust Challenge, offering titles from writers around the world. Sign us up!

The Really, Really, Really, Really Hard 2019 Challenge

This challenge will kick your literary butt. It’s a Goodreads group, so you know participants take reading incredibly seriously. But that’s OK. You’re a total reading list rockstar. Those crazy book people are your people. Though it’s designed for all formats, we’re clearly biased toward audio. Dust off your headphones and get going!

Backlist Reader Challenge

Constantly overwhelmed by your TBR list? We know how you feel. This reading challenge is perfect for those of us just getting around to our 2015 titles in our reading lists. Just promise us you’ll snap photos of your bibliophile friends rolling their eyes now that you’re finally ready to talk about All the Light We Cannot See.

Audiobook Reader Challenge

This is the perfect challenge for those of us just dipping our toes into the audiobook pool. This challenge has one of the easiest sets of rules out there: the books must be audio, and they must have an ISBN.

Back to Classics Challenge

You just can’t beat the classics when it comes to books worthy of being devoured. Use this challenge to revisit your favorite stories, or to cross off titles that you’ve been pretending to have read for decades now. (This is a safe space. We don’t judge.)

Indie Reading Challenge

The best game of Bingo! you’ll ever play. Indie titles are telling some of the most compelling and diverse stories in the market today, and are calling readers to sit up and pay close attention to the power of an independent press. Double down as an audiobook reader and use, which will let you support your local indie bookstore with your audiobook subscription service.

Diversity Reading Challenge

We need more diverse books. As in, we need a higher volume of books featuring diversity, and we need more explorations of what diversity means in those books. Support the writing and publishing of titles that feature diversity by taking on this reading challenge.

Newbery Reading Challenge

Books don’t casually win Newbery and Caldecott Awards. This reading challenge will broaden your literary horizons by bringing the standout titles into your reading orbit.

Feature Photo by Simson Petrol on Unsplash